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The Art of Finding Hidden Terms and Conditions at Online Casinos

The online gambling industry has taken the world by storm since the mid-1990s. What no one thought ever possible was made possible. Since then, the industry has grown a lot and a lot of things have changed. The evolution of bonuses is one of them.

iGaming bonuses have always been a major talk of the town. To this day, there are mixed opinions on these bonuses. All this chaos is mostly due to the terms and conditions. Some operators use hidden terms that may be misleading.

In this post, we’ll learn how to find out hidden terms before you commit real money. Spoiler alert. These are all ways you already know. We’re going to enhance them with some twists.

5 Ways to Find Hidden Terms of Online Bonuses

As promised, this is the section where we go deep into the world of bonuses.

1.      The Infamous Wagering Requirements

One of the biggest mistakes by new casino players is that they try to withdraw the bonus without reading the terms. And it can very well ruin your experience for the casino. So, pay attention.

Anyone who has ever dunked their feet in the iGaming industry would know about wagering requirements. It says how much you need to spend in an online casino before you can withdraw a bonus. A wagering requirement is often a multiplier for the bonus. 30x wagering requirement means you have to spend 30 times the bonus to withdraw it.

No matter what the bonus type is, you will have to deal with wagering requirements. Ideally, all casino bonuses should also contain the T&C for that offer. If you stop right there and deposit, that’s where you’re going wrong.

The T&C part on the bonus page is often not the true representation of the actual terms. You can only find that on the main Terms and Conditions page of the website. Sometimes, the promotions page can only mention a 40x wagering requirement. But the actual term may be 40x (deposit + bonus). In this case, the effective wagering requirement for the bonus is 80x!

Always read the main T&C page before you commit real money. The operators have freedom on how they design their platform but they must disclose everything in the Terms and conditions section. We know it’s a tedious process to read that page, but you must endure it for a safer experience.

2.      Expiry Dates

Expiry dates can often be treacherous when it comes to bonuses. You might be aware of the different types of bonuses in the online casino industry. If you’re not, you should check out the guide we’ve created.

The most common bonus is the welcome bonus, for any platform. And in most cases, it’s an evergreen bonus. It means the bonus doesn’t expire and applies to all new players.

However, not all bonuses are like this. They often have an expiry date and some operators refuse to mention it on the promotions page.

It leads to the classic confusion of whether you get the bonus or not. The answer is almost always no because the bonus is already expired. Just like everything else, you can also find this information on the main T&C page of the website.

3.      Read Customer Reviews

This is one of the most effective ways to verify the authenticity of practically anything. Affiliates are supposed to sugarcoat the features of a product or service. And you shouldn’t blindly trust them. What’s the best way to cross-check? To know what actual customers think!

If you look up on the internet, you should find multiple corporate affiliate sites that allow customer feedback. And you should find all major casino operators on those sites. Now, start reading what other users from Canada have to say.

Reading only a few pages of discussion will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of services. If there have been any disputes with customers, they should also be logged on the forum.

Sure, it’s a time-consuming and tiresome task. But if you want the absolute best yet safest gambling environment, you have to do it.

4.      Check the Authenticity of the Casino

While this is not directly associated with the bonuses, we believe the authenticity of the casino has a lot to do with bonus abuse. We all know that the majority of bonuses in the iGaming industry are deposit bonuses. This means, you first have to deposit real money to get the bonus.

If a fraudulent casino site was to ask for a deposit promising a bonus in return, it’s only normal for ignorant users to take the offer. You should avoid that at any cost. Before you sign up for any online casino anywhere in the world, you check the license first.

A license is proof that the online casino operates in compliance with the laws. The organization that grants the license also oversees the operations of casino brands. When you sign up for a licensed casino, you’re getting the constant supervision of a government body, which is a huge security boost.

5.      Ask Customer Support

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of online casinos and sportsbooks. You have a customer support team, waiting to answer your queries. So, if you don’t understand a term or what something means, just ask!

If the website offers a live chat, it would be the fastest channel of communication. You can also call if the casino has a direct telephone line. Another way is to send an email to the operator. Although it’s relatively slow, you should get the answer to your question.

Many casino sites have integrated forms on the contact us page. You can choose the area of your concern and even attach pictures of the issue. These forms are great to clarify the confusion.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the 5 ways we’ve shared to find out about hidden terms and conditions are not rocket science. They’re all fairly well-known practices. But most of the time, we’re too lazy to put the effort through. And that’s how fraudulent casino operators take advantage.

Now you know how to check a casino website and its reputation without losing any money in the hope of getting a bonus.