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Where Can I Find a Trusted Online Casino

Finding “trust” these days seems like a chore. In pretty much all the industry, a newcomer is very likely to fall victim to scams if they’re not careful. The same level of risk goes into the iGaming industry in Canada, if not more.

So, where do you find a trusted online casino in Canada? That’s what we’re going to cover in this post! This is a surface-level guide for you on how to find a trusted online casino.

What Do We Mean by a Trusted Online Casino?

First things first. If you’re looking for a trusted online casino in Canada, you need to know what a trusted casino is. In simple words, when an online casino has all the necessary safety features to guarantee a fair experience for the players, it’s considered a trusted casino.

Several factors contribute to making an online casino a trusted one. In this section, let’s go over them so that you know exactly what to look for.

  • A License

In Canada, all online gambling brands must be licensed. A license is universally considered the most basic form of safety at online casinos. You can play at unlicensed casinos in jurisdictions where online gambling is not regulated. But we highly discourage that because you’re introducing safety risks for yourself!

One of the main purposes of a casino license is to make sure that it has a legit operation. A license is granted to the operator company of the casino, which may or may not share the same name as the brand.

In Canada, unlicensed casinos are strictly illegal. So, you’ll need to verify whether the trusted casino of your choice has a license or not. If not, there’s no point in wasting time checking any of the other features.

  • 3rd Party Auditors

Not all online casinos in Canada have this feature but the ones that do are our favourites. An auditor is a company that verifies the RNG of the casino to make sure that the game results are fair.

While it’s one of the many jobs a license already takes care of, having a 3rd party checking over the fairness only adds to the safety rating of a brand. And as we already said, the more safety features a brand may offer, the most trusted it is.

  • Reputed Game Selection

As the main goal behind your casino sign up is to play games, it only makes sense than a trusted online casino must offer top-notch software providers and game titles.

  • Reputed Payment Providers

It’s no shock that the iGaming industry is at higher risk for safety breaches. It’s simply due to the massive volume of cash flow in the industry. It’s also obvious that the money is transferred back and forth using online payment channels.

As a result, the payment methods an online casino in Canada offers for the players play a major role in the safety paradigm. Reputed names like Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Instadebit, and iDebit are all available in Canada. In fact, many of them are native Canadian methods.

We highly recommend that you stick to these methods only instead of using unknown providers. Also, check the merchant’s name when you confirm a payment to make sure that it’s actually going to the casino and not to some scammer.

  • Online User Testimonials

Many guides skip on this altogether. But at the end of the day, it’s the users who’re spending the most time with the brands. So, their opinion on a particular brand can tell you a lot about how trusted the platform is.

Many corporate affiliates in the iGaming industry like AskGambers, Casino.guru, etc. have a dedicated user review section for each Canadian online casino review. We always read the reviews before recommending a brand to our readers.

  • Friendly Customer Service

Customer service is one of those things you don’t realise is important until you face a problem. It’s best to check its efficiency and depth of knowledge.

Where to Find a Trusted Online Casino?

The first thing you should check out is our website! We have plenty of guides already rolled out for you. All the brands we’ve recommended are tested by our experts for all the features of a trusted online casino we discussed.

The guides are broken into categories based on what type of bonus matters the most to you. There’s no way to deny that a bonus plays a crucial in your decision-making process. The main feature of an online casino, as in the games, are more or less the same across all of them in Canada.

Tips When Playing at a Trusted Online Casino

Now that you know what trusted online casinos are and where you can find them, you must be feeling the urge to jump into one right away. Well, hold your horses for a little longer. Let us share some tips that will help you protect your interests even more.

  • Look for the license in the footer section of the website

At least in our experience, that’s where almost all operators include the license data. If not, you should find it on the T&C page of the website. If you can’t find the license number and authority on the T&C page, it’s safe to assume that the casino doesn’t have a license. This tip should come in handy when you look for trusted online casinos beyond our lists.

  • Look for SSL-encrypted portals

When making a payment or withdrawing money, keep an eye out for SSL encryption across all portals. Most reputed payment methods have proprietary portals to encapsulate the transaction. If you get a popup notification that the website is not safe, don’t go through with the deposit. The same goes for withdrawals too.

  • Look into the RTP rating of a game before you play it

Although RTP (return to player) is a theoretical assumption of how much you can expect to win back, high RTP games lead to higher overall winnings.

  • Ask Around!

If you can’t find any legit user reviews on any forums on the internet, why not ask yourself? Most of these forums are very active and players are trying to help each other all the time. If you have a particular brand in mind, ask a question about its services. Give it a few days before real users can reply.

Wrapping Up

The iGaming industry can surely be intimidating for newcomers. But when you have the right guidance (check our website!), it’s not nearly as hard. We always emphasise our readers’ safety over anything else. Hence, we want you to know exactly where and how to find a trusted online casino.