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Online Poker Bonus in Canada

Poker is one of the very few online casino games that doesn’t solely rely on luck. You have a lot of room to use your skills and understanding of the game when playing in tournaments or in poker rooms. Canadian casino players will unanimously agree that poker is their favourite game!

But it’s not the gameplay we’re trying to impress you with today. Rather, we’re going for poker bonuses. These bonuses exclusively apply to the game and you can improve your bankroll by a fair margin by claiming these. So, let’s get on with our guide.

Best Poker Online Bonuses in Canada

If you’ve read other guides on our platform, you may know that we always start with a list of online casinos. But the context is different every time. This time, it’s the casino brands that offer the most generous poker bonuses.

What is a Poker Bonus?

As the name suggests, a poker online bonus is a reward you get from either playing poker or for playing poker. The great thing about these rewards is that you not only get them from online casinos but also from public poker rooms.

Another reason we’re big fans of these bonuses is the variety. Every time of casino online bonus you can think of can be categorised as a poker bonus as long as poker is an eligible game. The main idea behind a poker bonus is to attract you to sign up for a platform or play the games regularly. Basically, the goal behind these bonuses is the same as any other reward businesses give to their customers.

Different Types of Poker Bonuses

If you thought the term “poker bonus” only refers to one type of reward, think again. Just like any other bonus, poker bonuses can belong to multiple categories at the same time. In this section, let’s try to cover as many types as possible so that you can identify them as soon as you see them.

Match Bonus

The match bonus is undoubtedly the most common form of a bonus at online casinos or poker rooms. Online gambling companies are really big on real money deposits and it’s a major requirement before you can get a reward.

When you find a “match” bonus, it means the operator will match your deposit amount, by 100%. If it’s not a 100% match but any number, it’ll be mentioned in the title. In general, a match automatically refers to a 100% bonus.

For example, if a poker room is offering a 100% match bonus of up to C$500, it means you can deposit C$500 and get another C$500 to start playing with C$1,000. If the offer is from an online casino, chances are a lot of other games along with poker.

No Deposit Bonus

It’s not hard to understand why no deposit bonuses get the most attention all over the world. It’s not every day that you come across a reward that you don’t have to deposit. The drawback of these bonuses is that they’re very hard to come by.

From what we’ve seen, most operators offer no deposit bonuses on sign up. It’s simply because that’s when the bonus impacts the most. Imagine registering an account and getting a hefty bonus in your account, no questions asked! You’ll automatically think good of the operator and that’s what it wants!

To claim a no deposit poker bonus, you first have to add a payment method to your account. If that’s not the case, you’ll at least have to verify your account through the KYC process.

Reload Bonuses

For modern online casinos, reload bonuses are becoming more and more common. A reload bonus is particularly designed for existing players who haven’t deposited in a long time. Poker rooms often offer these rewards to encourage the players to come back.

VIP Bonuses

A VIP programme or a Loyalty programme is also fairly common across online casinos and poker rooms in Canada. One of the biggest perks of being a part of such programmes is that you get additional bonuses!

The catch here is qualifying for the VIP program in the first place. Players usually have to spend a lot of real money to become a part of the VIP program. If you’re ready to commit, then VIP poker bonuses will take you a long way.

Referral Bonuses

Many online businesses these days utilise referral bonuses to encourage existing users to bring in new customers. It’s a more common practice in poker rooms than in online casinos in Canada. This is the main reason you may not see these bonuses in any of our other guides.

The idea behind a referral bonus is that you invite one or more people to sign up for a poker room or an online casino. After they do and deposit real money, you get a fixed bonus. It can range anywhere between C$10 to C$100 at times!

Are Poker Bonuses Worth It?

Of course, they are. Then again, if you ask our opinion, we believe every type of online bonus is worth your time and money. The only thing that matters in these cases is the terms and conditions. As long as you can ensure that they’re fair, claim the offer.

Now, let’s go over the benefits of a poker bonus in Canada.

More Funds to Play

This is the biggest benefit in our opinion. Let’s say you get a 100% match bonus on your first bonus at a poker room. If you deposit C$100, you can start playing with C$200. It means you can either play double the time or double your bet size. Whatever you do, the result is more potential winnings.

Risk Free

For the most part, any reward comes with an element of risk. While that’s true for poker bonuses too to a certain extent, the overall risk factor is very low. Even if you don’t win anything from a deposit match bonus, you still have your real money funds.

We believe poker is the best game to use the bonuses on because it’s more dependent on skills than luck. If you can accumulate enough experience to become a decent player, you reduce the risk of losing by a fair margin.

You’ll Become a Better Player

This might be stretching the paradigm a bit thin but we believe that regularly claiming a poker online bonus can make you a better player. Just like everything else in life, you’ll become better with time in poker. And getting a bonus means you can elongate your sessions without spending additional money from your account.

This has another benefit in the long run. As you become a better player, you’ll be able to generate more winnings. Poker rooms often host tournaments that you can participate in. The winning spots often come with hundreds of thousands of Canadian dollars in rewards! Even if you don’t win the tournament, you can take home a hefty chunk of the prize pool.

How to Claim a Poker Bonus?

Claiming a bonus is the 2nd most important aspect of an online bonus, right after the wagering requirements. Let’s go over the steps you may need to follow when claiming such a reward in Canada.

  1. Choose an online casino or poker room from the list we’ve shared.
  2. Sign up for a real money account. Always put information that you can verify later. It’s because no online withdrawal is possible without KYC verification. Not in Canada. Not anywhere else in the world.
  3. If the platform requires a promo code to activate the welcome bonus, enter it. You can either get the code in the T&C section of the bonus or in your email inbox. If there is no bonus code, it means it’ll be automatically credited.
  4. If it’s a no deposit poker bonus, you’ll either need to add a payment method to your account or verify it through KYC.

Terms and Conditions for Online Poker Bonuses in Canada

No bonus in the iGaming industry is free from terms and conditions. The most important one is obviously the wagering requirements. So, let’s start with that, and then we’ll move on to the other associated terms.

Wagering Requirements

Also known as playthrough requirements, it’s the indication of how much you need to spend on games before you can withdraw the bonus. If it’s an exclusive poker bonus, you need to spend the bonus on poker games. But if it’s an online casino, you can use the funds on online slots too!

In fact, if it’s an online casino, use the bonuses on slots. It’s simply because slots contribute 100% of the bets toward the completion of wagering requirements. No other bonus can claim the same.

Let’s look at an example of wagering requirements. You get a 100% match bonus that’s paired with 30x wagering requirements. So, if the bonus amount is C$100, it means you need to spend C$100 x 30 or C$3,000 worth in wagering to withdraw the bonus.

Maximum Bet

More commonly known as a max bet restriction, this value indicates how much you can bet when the wagering requirements are active. In Canada, it commonly ranges between C$5 and C$10. The more you can get, the better it is. Keep in mind that if your bet value goes over the max bet restriction, that particular bet will not count toward wagering.

Expiry Date

A poker bonus will expire over time if you don’t use it. Also, the wagering requirements must be completed within the given time frame. The longer you have, the more conveniently you can wager the bonus. Different operators have different definitions of what a user-friendly expiry date is. So, pick your own.

Maximum Winnings

If it’s a free chips bonus or a deposit match bonus, how much you can win from that will be capped. While you can win hundreds of thousands from a regular poker hand, it’s not possible during the wagering period.


Can I really win real money from a poker no deposit bonus?

Yes, you can. The main idea behind a bonus is to add more value to your experience. When you’re playing at an online casino or poker room, the only way to add value is to offer real money.

What games can I play with a poker online bonus in Canada?

If it’s a poker room bonus, the only game you can play is poker. But if it’s an online casino, you can play all the games including slots, table games, and live dealer games.

Do I need bonus codes to claim the bonuses?

Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. It ultimately depends on the bonus policy of the operator you’re signing up for.

What is the best online poker site?

The definition of “best” changes from player to player. We’ve shared a whole list of sites that offer a poker bonus in Canada. Why don’t you go over the features you pick and which one is best for you?

How do I get access to the my poker bonus?

Most bonuses these days are automatic. It mean’s they’ll be credited to your account as soon as you’re eligible. If you need to enter a promo code, the T&C section will mention that.